Interview: Room 94

This article was originally published on The National Student.

Room 94

Since storming the charts with their hit single ‘Chasing The Summer’ and supporting Union J and Lawson on tours last year, Room 94 have gone from strength to strength.

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Living the American Dream at Summer Camp

This article was originally published on The National Student and as a JCC Shabbat Message.


There I was playing a game of American Eye Spy whilst driving down a highway on the outskirts of Chicago. Innocently chatting away to the people that would later become some of my closest friends in the world, I had no idea what was in store for me upon my arrival at Chi in several hours time. Did I know I was in for the best and most life changing summer of my life on that bus? Definitely not. But I was really, really excited because for the first time in my life I was going to summer camp! I’d only ever seen them in films before, featured in classics like The Parent Trap. Sadly, I wasn’t going there as a camper – but being a staff member is definitely the next best thing.

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