The Darkness on new album: “It’s a lot sexier.”

The article was originally published in The Linc (print).

Photo: Scarlett Page

Photo: Scarlett Page

Since reforming in 2011, The Darkness have had a jam packed couple of years. Their third album, Hot Cakes, was released following a summer long tour supporting pop sensation Lady Gaga in 2012. And now, they’re in a better place than ever before – that’s according to bassist Frankie Poullain. He caught up with The Linc about writing on the road, plans for the next album, and misconceptions.

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Jim Broadbent: “You learn so much by making films.”

The article was originally published on The Linc. 

The Engine Shed’s Platform looks fairly normal, considering it’s currently acting as the VIP room of what can only be described as a very unique after party. Stood near the bar with a pint and a plate of sandwiches, Oscar winning actor Jim Broadbent is taking a well-earned rest after hosting Lincoln’s annual LAFTA awards.

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5 Minutes With… The Loveable Rogues

This article was originally published on The Linc.

Photo: Elaine Brown.

Just How Loveable are The Loveable Rogues?

They’d definitely give puppies a run for their money on the loveable scale.

Made up of Eddie Brett, Sonny Jay Muharrem and Té Qhairo Eugene, the band formed in 2010. They then shot to fame after entering ITV’s Britain’s Got Talent. They placed fourth in its sixth series, leading to a record deal with Simon Cowell’s label Syco Music. Now, a debut album’s in the pipeline. The Linc caught up with the boys before their gig at Lincoln’s Home Nightclub on Tuesday.

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