OMG: Interview with Union J’s Josh

UNION J_4 Let’s face it. Everyone’s hearts have melted into a total puddle at least once after flicking through the Instagram of Union J’s Josh. And it’s only a few days since he was crowned one of the 100 hottest hunks in the world by Heat Magazine. About time, really… Aside from being a full-time beaut, atm he and the boys are on the road with The Vamps. He’s super busy, but we were lucky enough to catch him for five before their big gig at the O2 tonight.

First off, how’s touring with The Vamps going? Better than I could have imagined! We haven’t been on a joint tour before and it’s just crazy fun. Rather tired, but fricking loving it!

Do things ever get a bit crazy when you all get together? Well 8 boys in their teens and early 20’s on the road together…it’s going to get a bit crazy. I am challenging The Vamps boys to a table tennis tournament this week, as they think they’re good, haha.

James Mcvey’s Instagram is one of my favourites – does he have his shirt off that much in real life? I have to say I have only ever seen James topless in pictures….not in person. He just loves pleasing his fans I guess, the little flirt.

Speaking of hot, how’s life as one of Heat’s 100 hottest hunks in the world, Josh? It’s a good list to be in, I guess! Thanks to Heat for believing in me.


What are your plans for when the tour ends? We are going to get straight in the studio to record the next album! Our fans are desperate to hear new stuff, it’s our job to get the best songs out for them!

How do you think your next album will differ from the others? I’m not sure, actually. We will know that once we start the recording process. Our music grows as we grow as a band. It will be different, yes.

What music are you loving at the moment? I’ve fallen in love with John Mayer. Always been a fan, but recently he has dominated my playlists!

Do you think you’d ever “do a McBusted” and collab with the Vamps? James and I joked about this the other day, actually. I think one day it could happen, yes!


You’ve all spoken about problems you had with body image in your younger days. What would you say to young people struggling with their looks or weight? I’ve been there and understand how they’re feeling. Everyone is perfect just the way they are. But if you’re not comfortable in your own body and want to make a change….I suggest sticking to it and putting your all in to it. It can really change your life.

Do you think now is a better time than ever for young people to come out? Yes, couldn’t be better. Especially with inspiring people like Jaymi out there. Now is the time.

Do you hear from your gay fans a lot? All the time. They’re great.

Thanks so much, Josh!

So, if a Union J/The Vamps Supergroup ever happens (Union V, maybs?) you heard it here first, guys 😉 Union J’s newest album, You Got It All, is out now.


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