Interview: The Midnight Beast

This was originally published on Gay Times.


Two years ago, The Midnight Beast burst onto the music scene with their debut album, following the success of their cover of Kesha’s Tik Tok. Since then, they’ve started their own self-titled sitcom on E4. GT caught up with them after the release of their second album, Shtick Heads.

How does Shtick Heads differ from The Midnight Beast, your debut album?

Stefan: The last album that we did was basically a soundtrack to the TV series with one or two extra songs. This time round, we’ve had the pleasure to start from scratch, so it’s a lot more coherent with sound. Any songs from the series that didn’t gel with the album weren’t on it and vice versa.

Dru: We’ve also got a few collaborations on there as well, we worked with a rapper called Sway, a band called The Hell and with Nova Rockafella.

What were your highlights whilst making the album?

Ashley: Basically, we booked in the album cover shoot with no album cover ideas and we had the date set in stone. I woke up, like in the middle of the night, and just knew that our heads had to be impaled on a stick for the album. That’s certainly my highlight.

What gigs have you got lined up?

Dot to Dot, Live at Leeds, T in the Park. Then also, we’re doing the dirty weekend tour. So every weekend, mainly in July, we’ll be going out on the road for two days a week, which will be really good fun. Then we’ve got plans to do a bigger tour at the end of the year as well, a full on album tour.

What do you enjoy most about being on the road?

Ashley: I think it’s just to travel the country, and to spend it with these two and hang out.

Dru: Oh, you.

Ashley: I think sometimes when you’re at home there are more distractions but we find it quite easy working on ideas and stuff when we’re out on the road together.

Dru: There’s something about seeing the fans as well, because obviously starting out on YouTube, we could only see numbers, so it’s always nice to kind of see the person and think, oh OK, they’re actually people. It’s nice to see them jump around.

Ashley: I think we knew from an early stage that we were really lucky with that because I know views don’t always translate to people turning up.

Dru: It’s always a surprise when people show up on tours, even when it’s our own shows. Because people have actually bought the ticket, we’re always blown away.

What’s your favourite song to perform at a gig?

Ashley: Tick Tock’s always been an amazing one for festivals. It’s mad because when we rehearse it, it never feels electric and then the minute that we play it it’s just the best thing. Once before, Katy B was on in Glastonbury and then we played and then Kesha played, and her tour manager was flipping out at ours because we were playing Tick Tock on stage. That was surreal for the fans, watching our set and us ending with it then watching her set and her ending with it.

Tell us about gigging in America…

Ashley: We’ve played a few shows and it was surprising how much older they were than over here. It was more like early 20s and more of a guy crowd as well. Over here the majority is young women.

Shtick Heads is available to download or buy in stores now. For more on The Midnight Beast, click here.


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