Interview: Room 94

This article was originally published on The National Student.

Room 94

Since storming the charts with their hit single ‘Chasing The Summer’ and supporting Union J and Lawson on tours last year, Room 94 have gone from strength to strength.

Ahead of the release of their debut album No Strings Attached next month, they’re now touring the UK. They spoke to The National Student about their tour bus, fans and new music.

How excited are you for your headline tour?

We’re really excited. We’re going to Nottingham and the venue is amazing as well, it’s like a nice big space. We’re a little bit nervous to get the first show out the way and once that happens it’s going to be awesome. We love being on tour as well and meeting all the fans.

What’s life like on a tour bus?

It’s the first time we’ve been on a tour bus like this, so we were all like excited kids. There’s a PlayStation with us, a few lounges, everyone’s got their own bed, there’s a kitchen and we’ve got quite a lot of alcohol so there will probably be some late nights. It’s going to be like a slumber party back at school.

How do you think you’ll react if fans start chasing your tour bus?

Everyone’s just kind of watching TV at the minute. I think we’d be at the window like ‘aay’ and then we’d just carry on watching TV.

How will you get fans warmed up for the gig?

We’re really energetic. We’re just going to make everyone jump around and go crazy and hopefully that’ll warm everyone up. If not we’ll give everyone a hug.

How do you prepare for a show?

Dean loves working out, so he brings loads of gym equipment. So we just play really loud music and have a few drinks. We just really chill out and it gets a bit crazy. We don’t do anything too weird with any rituals or anything like that where someone has to do something weird. Some people love brushing their teeth and stuff, we just get in the zone with some music.

Did Lawson or Union J have any weird rituals when you supported them?

As far as I know Lawson don’t do anything weird before going on stage, but you don’t know what goes on behind closed doors. They could be doing anything…

What can we expect from the tour?

The set on tour is a good mix. We didn’t want to just play songs that nobody has heard yet, so there are a few old fan favourites thrown in. But we’re playing quite a lot of songs off the album, so it’s exciting for us because we get to play new songs that we haven’t played before and see what people’s reactions are to them. They’ll have heard the previews on iTunes and we put some up on YouTube the other day, but they haven’t heard the full versions of the songs yet!

How have you changed vocally as a band since you began?

I think we’ve progressed, definitely, like I think we’ve just grown up and with obviously touring for years and years it’s given us experience and we’ve been able to take that to the studio. Each time we’ve gone on these new tours, we’ve learned new things. Like Lawson showed us so much, Union J gave us some advice. It’s just really helped.

The track list sounds quite party based, is it inspired by your own nights out?

We write all of our own songs and we wanted the lyrics to be relatable. We’re all in our 20s and our fans are that age where they’re going out and partying. It’s like the diary of a young adult. It’s got songs about partying, it’s got songs about the morning after and it’s got love songs on there as well.  It’s the kind of guys we are. We didn’t want to write a dead serious album where we take ourselves too seriously, it’s a fun album that you can dance and sing along to.

Do you have a favourite song from the album?

Oh it’s really hard. It’s like if you have children, you can’t pick a favourite child, but I really like the song called Come Calm Me Down. That one’s really fun, in rehearsal I love playing that one. Or we came here to dance. But I like all the old school ones like Superstar and Chasing The Summer as well. I like all of them.

What are your plans after the album launch?

We’re kind of looking at some festivals, that kind of thing. We’re heading to Poland and Europe and then probably cracking on with album number 2.


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