Age UK calls on Lincolnshire public to take part in ‘Bobble Day’

This article was originally published on The Lincolnshire Echo.

A local charity is encouraging people across the county to don their best woolly hats and jumpers tomorrow.

Created by Age UK, Bobble Day happens annually across the country.

It aims to raise money for elderly people who struggle to keep themselves warm in winter.

The charity is appealing for people in Lincolnshire to raise money for this by wearing their best woolly clothes and bobble hats for the whole day.

A pensioner can be provided with a home visit designed to check their property’s insulation and energy efficiency for £12, while £20 can pay for an emergency food pack.

Georgina Garrett is the Fundraising and Marketing Manager of Park Street’s Age UK centre, she said: “All the money raised from Bobble Day goes to our Winter Warmer campaign.

“We often go to older people’s houses who are socially isolated or house bound and we give them packs that include tea bags, coffee, soups, a hat, gloves and scarves and information about our services.”

Stokes’ Coffee on the high street will enter anyone who buys An Age UK ‘bobble badge’ from their shop into a competition – with tea and cake on offer for the winners who will be announced on Monday February 10.

Helena Burt the Department Manager of Park Street’s Age UK Centre said: “It’s something that we want to raise awareness of, not just for the people that are suffering, but with ways that other people can help the elderly.

“Old people don’t seem to pull on the heartstrings as much as say, a charity that looks after say horses or children. But it’s a very important issue.

“There are lots of different ways we can help people get away from fuel poverty and suffering from coldness and this is just one way that we can raise awareness to the general public.”

More information about Bobble Day and all of Age UK’s services can be found on


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