This article was originally published on Gay Times. 

Join the fight against testicular cancer whilst decorating your Christmas tree

As Christmas approaches, people up and down the country are dusting off their decorations and decking the halls – but a UK company are encouraging men to get a very different kind of bauble out.

The #GetYourBauballsOut campaign may be a modern concept (complete with hashtag and all, how very Robin Thicke) but it’s barking up a very old tree – aiming to encourage men to regularly check their tackle for signs of testicular cancer.

Just over 2,000 men a year are thought to be diagnosed with the illness in the UK – this is almost double the amount diagnosed in 1970. But Albion, who are behind the campaign, want to reduce this.

The project started last year and is giving your average tree decorations like snowmen, elves and even Rudolph a ballsy twist – they’re shaped like testicles. Literally.

One unique ball of the many on sale is different to the others and will show the signs of testicular cancer. If the bearer of this notices the defects, they’ll win prizes.

It’s not all fun and ball games though – the decorations are being sold with a serious message that’s trying to teach men what to look for in testicular cancer and to regularly check for signs.

The special festive decorations can be bought online at bauballs.co.uk, with four raunchily shaped Rudolphs or similar on offer for £6.


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