“I dreamed I was buying new shoes last night,” said Ron. “What d’ya think that’s gonna mean?”

“Probably that you’re going to be eaten by a giant marshmallow or something,” said Harry.” – J.K. Rowling, Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban.

Dreaming is a magical thing. I’m almost in awe at the fact that we can dream, and that dreaming can be such a powerful thing.

 I’m completely fascinated by the idea of precognitive dreaming. By precognitive dreaming, I am of course referring to the idea that people have the ability to predict future events whilst in their sleeping state. I’m not sure why this grabs my attention so much. Perhaps it’s a shard from the part of me that was once so obsessed with fantasy and escapism; maybe I’m trying to escape into a world where super powers are very much a real thing. I’m honestly not sure, though.

Abraham Lincoln is the perfect example. He apparently predicted his own funeral in his sleep just weeks before his death. There’s a lot of evidence to support this claim, too. He’d clearly mentioned this dream to people close to him before he died; there’s evidence to support that. And under the circumstances of his death, there’s no way he’d have known it was imminent.

I might sound insane by saying this, but I believe I too have been affected by this type of dream in the past. During my first year of university, I had a dream that one of my close friends fell off a stage in a nightclub and received mild injury. We were joking about this when I first told her. Joking about this, that is, until it actually happened and we spent a full day in A&E sorting her out. She remains creeped out by this even now.

And the meanings behind dreams is a totally different ball game. I really do believe that what you dream about can highlight and reflect things that are going on in your real life situation. There are so many websites online that claim to be able to translate your dreams and tell you what they mean. It’s difficult to tell whether they’re sincere or just complete baloney. I’d love to see some solid proof, of course. I mean, are they really the key to your subconscious? Sometimes  I’ll look up a meaning to my own dreams and be completely shocked by how much they relate to me. Sometimes, though, it can go the opposite way and literally has nothing to do with my life situation at all. Whatever the truth, it’s completely fascinating.

Dreams are powerful in other ways, too.

I’m heavily driven by ambition, which is clearly a type of dream.  I guess everyone has that aim in life; that place where they want to get to; that stage where they know they’re ‘living the dream.’ As a student in my final year of uni, I sometimes even now think I’m living the dream. I’ve completed a number of personal goals already, including interviewing Jim Broadbent (best thing ever!) I spent so much time when I was younger drifting off into my imagination, daydreaming about interviewing celebrities and being on the radio. In a mild sense, I’ve started to achieve that now and it’s an incredible feeling.

Daydreaming interests me to. It’s so weird how, when awake, you can just fade away into a different place. Sometimes they couldn’t come at a more perfect time, when you’re bored or annoyed about something. Then again, it can also happen when you’re in the middle of an essay really close to a deadline; that’s just distracting.

But I do still worry. These sorts of dreams are so strong and so powerful. I’m often left wondering, “What if I don’t get there?!'”

I am of course trying my hardest to get there. And for me, I think ‘there’ would be the chance to be an actual professional journalist in a radio station or magazine. Will I get there? Who knows? But I guess I can carry on being driven by the magical power of dreams as I attempt to.


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