Having been out of the country for several months, and despite my best efforts not to, it’s safe to I’ve gotten rather behind on the English music scene this summer!

So you can only imagine my bull in a china shop reaction to finally getting the ability to catch up when I got back last week. A few songs really caught my attention, it was so nice just closing my eyes and being able to absorb them. This is what I found.

1. The Way We Are by Aiden Grimshaw

Any AG fans out there will be pleased to hear about this! It’s a song from his new EP set for release next month and this song is just great. it keeps the beautiful rawness and style heard throughout misty eye, with Grimshaw hitting the high notes he’s so famed for better than ever. But as all good artists should, he’s evolved. Pretty darn perfectly, too! There’s a new twang to his music, more of an electronic and instrumental edge not seen before and it just adds a new dimension to his style that matures him as an artist.

2. Don’t Stop by Nina Nesbitt

Nina made this for a new John Lewis advert on the telly. It’s a cover of an absolute classic, but if you didn’t know this, you probably wouldn’t notice. It suits her voice so perfectly that it almost sounds like a brand new song, despite the fact that she’s barely changed it. I guess you’d expect an artist to change a song to suit them and their style, but it’s like it was made for her. She’s due to release her debut LP later in the year and with a wonderfully unique voice like hers she definitely deserves a listen!

3. Hearts Without Chains by Ellie Goulding 

Halcyon and Halcyon days have seemed a bit like step downs for Ellie Goulding. She’s become popular and her music has changed. It’s not that she’s become bad, but Lights was so unique and individual! And there was something missing from Halcyon that stopped it from being a must have album. But Hearts Without Chains seems like an exception. It’s much more mellow and almost feels like a song from Lights. There’s no silly effects or monotonous hooks being used here, it has proper lyrics and feels like Ellie’s gone back to her roots a bit. Other Halcyon Days songs worth a listen are Goodness Gracious and How Long Will I Love You.

4. Melody Calling by The Vaccines

This song is just wonderful. It’s almost a far cry from their normal and older style, seeming slightly poppier with a looped, but super catchy hook throughout. It works really well though and is definitely worth a listen.

5. Care by Hudson Taylor 

Hudson Taylor are a band that its really impossible not to like. Their voices melt together perfectly & care sells them really well. Taken from their upcoming EP, it’s automatically going to grab your attention. One thing that’s really great about these guys is how personal the lyrics are and how their just seep the emotion written in the songs. Their voices are beautiful too, it’ s so calming and relaxing.


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