Gavin & Stacey to receive US remake

This article was originally published on The National Student.

Oh, what’s occurring? Gavin & Stacey, that’s what. Not in the UK, though – the hit sitcom based around the relationship of the title characters actually came to an end in 2010. But now it’s being remade… in the US. 

It’s the latest in a whole wave of sitcoms to get a US revamp, but not all of them have been successful. In fact, several have failed to tickle the American funny bones at all. But could a Gavin and Stacey remake work?

A half an hour pilot is currently in production, and BBC Worldwide are working with the original producers of the show, Baby Cow Productions, to try and make it a success. Every episode of the British version has aired on BBC America already, so unlike lots of sitcoms, it’ll already be at least slightly familiar to people across the pond.

However, it could actually be quite different. Whilst it’s believed to be focusing on a similar storyline, it’s thought that lead character Gavin may be hitting American screens with a completely different name.

James Cordon and Ruth Jones, who starred in and wrote the original, have been made executive producers of the remake. They’re not thought to be on screen in this version though, and it seems they’re not writing it either. That’ll be the job of David Rosen.

Where it will be set is another mystery. The British version focused on Gavin from Essex, Stacey from Wales, and their long distance relationship. So for the US version to work it will more than likely be localised to a couple of different states.

It’s not the first time a British sitcom has been reworked for American audiences. Some of these have actually been a major success too. The Office, for example, is now in its ninth season in America and has won numerous awards – including four Emmys.

However, full of irony and sarcasm, the typically British humour seen in these sitcoms doesn’t always go down too well in America, and quite a few remakes have failed to appeal. Examples include the recent version of The Inbetweeners, and Absolutely Fabulous.

Tom Bourlet took to twitter to air his opinion: “It reminds me of how they remade the Inbetweeners for America, it looks terrible, my American friends are disgusted!”

If the pilot is successful, a decision is expected to be made on the future of the Gavin & Stacey remake by early next year.


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